Roku Screen Mirroring Windows 10/7/8, Android, iPhone, Mac


Let’s start Roku device tutorial to setup connection from any device. Now watch movies and TV shows on Roku device with simple setup guide provided here. Tubi TV Roku to watch free movies, TV shows on Roku with app on android. Everyone looking to cast your mobile screen to Roku then here is few steps to follow to mirroring your screen to Roku Device. Watch movies on Roku Showbox download. In addition, Roku now available for all devices to connect.


Connect all your devices to Roku to watch movies, TV shows online. Stream all your movies on Roku with Android, iOS, Windows device here are steps to cast your small screen to Roku with separate steps below. Connect Roku device to smart TV to watch movies and TV shows on big screen for free of cost. Share your screen to Watch movies and TV shows on big screen. Download movies offline and watch on Roku device. Follow us to get more updates on Roku Player to watch movies on Roku Player.

How to cast your screen to Roku? or Roku Screen Mirroring iOS, iPhone, Windows, Android


First of all, Setup your Roku device to cast all your devices here are steps to follow Screen mirroring on Roku device with Windows, Android systems with requirements and follow them to get Roku device connect.

Android 4.4.2 + version 

  • Setup to mirror your screen go and left navigation we have System ->Systems mirroring and enable.
  • Android settings:: Settings ->Display -> Screen-cast -> Enable  Wireless Display.
  • Now Roku device available on your android device to connect.
  • Time to play videos on Android device and cast and play on big screen.
  • May face issues on cast Roku to the android device to avoid let’s disconnect and re-connect it.

Cast Laptop to Roku Windows 8.1

  • Windows support to get your screen Roku here are settings to make.
  • Go to Systems Settings click on PC and Devices, ->Add Device. Roku appears on your screen to connect it now connect to your Roku device.
  • Play movies and TV shows on Roku device form Windows 8.1 its simple to make settings.

Windows Phone

Only selected phones to project your small screen to big screen now if you have support on your device to cast your mobile to big screen then click on Settings-> Project My Screen. Select Roku device on your windows to screen. Share your screen to Roku. Difference between windows phone and laptop are placed here to understand better.

iPhone, iOS to Roku Device

  • Connect iOS, iPhone to Roku device to Roku.
  • Download Roku app on App store to screen your iOS device to Roku Device.
  • The app allows casting your iOS to project on Roku device now play TV shows, Movies on iPhone, iOS devices.

Cast your Android, iOS, Windows screen to Roku device. Now connect your iPhone, iOS, Windows device to Roku to play movies, Videos on your smart TV. Download all cast chrome cast device to watch your screen on the Big screen, iPhone to Smart TV connection, iOS to Roku device are much useful information. We have many more apps to install


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